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Bath & North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire (BSW) Maternity Voices Partnership Plus is a group of volunteer parents and birth workers, midwives, doctors and commissioners. We work together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity services.

Local Area volunteers are parents who have recently used the local maternity services, or people involved in providing services for pregnant and new parents, such as antenatal teachers or breastfeeding supporters. They are a crucial part of the team – the MVP couldn’t function without these volunteers.

What We Do

The MVP is a voice for those who use local maternity services. We collect feedback from women, birthing people and families across the BSW region on the care they received during pregnancy, labour and in the first couple of weeks after their baby is born.

We share this anonymously with the staff at the hospitals and with the staff at the hospitals and with the BSW Local Maternity and Neonatal System to see where improvements and changes can be made, and where things are working well. All feedback that we receive is valuable.


Who We Are

Local area volunteers are all parents who have personal experience of maternity care covering our area. We are linked to local services where Mothers receive maternity care.

Chaya Tagore - Lead

Chaya is the Maternity Voices Partnership Plus Lead for the BSW area. She is a Mum of two, lives in Bath, and supports the local area volunteers.​

Mobile: 07775 546 071


Bath & North East Somerset

Louisa - Deputy

Louisa MacPhail is mum to three children aged between 11 and 3 and lives in Bath.Louisa feels passionately about supporting parents in their transition to parenthood so being part of the MVP team is hugely important to her. She wants to listen to and ultimately improve parents’ experience with our maternity services. In particular she’ll be focusing on Paulton Birth Centre and ‘high risk’ pregnancies and interventions as well as liaising with other local groups.



Sacha Taylor, is mum of one 8-year-old daughter and a passionate advocate for parents using maternity services via her work. She is representing voices of parents in the wider Bath area, as well as mums over 40 and anyone accessing mental health support during their pregnancy/birth/postnatal journey. She also represents parents using the Trowbridge Birth Centre and would love to hear from you if you would like to share your experiences to help us as a team maintain high standards of maternity care in our area.



Katie Pande lives in Frome and is mum to Jasmine, born in May 2019. After experiencing a difficult and complicated pregnancy and birth herself and a diagnosis of postnatal depression, Katie volunteered for MVP to help provide a voice and support for parents in her area who need information, a helping hand or a listening ear in difficult times.



Chaya Tagore lives with her 3-year-old daughter Rachel and fiancé Simon in Bath. Her adult daughter Boudicca lives in Chippenham! She started as the MVP Lead in September 2019. Her role will be to support the volunteers across the Bath & NE Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire (BSW) areas who will be ‘on the ground’ listening to families in their local communities. With their support, they will be mapping themes that come up which will then be presented to the Local Maternity System (LMS) so that true co-production of maternity services take place.


volunteer Kirsty


Kirsty lives in Paulton and is a Mum of two; a four year old and a one year old. She is passionate about supporting parents and is keen to hear the experiences of those who have accessed infant feeding support in recent years as well as the experiences of disabled parents and parents of children with disabilities.


volunteer Sally


Sally Teall has worked in various roles with parents, babies and children for the last 30 years. She currently works and supports parents in the North East Somerset area and has a lot of experience of assisting parents who have PND and/or anxiety.   Working with parents means she can be there to listen and help them to make contact with MVP about their personal experiences so that they feel they have a voice for change and progression.

Please contact Sally if you would like to confidentially and anonymously share your thoughts and experiences of your maternity journey and/or your early postnatal care.



volunteer Natalie

Natalie - Deputy

Natalie has a son & two step-daughters and lives in Swindon. During her pregnancy she ignited a passion for supporting birthing people in making informed choices around their pregnancy and birth. She would love to hear your experience of maternity services & feeding support you received in Swindon.




Julie is mum to three children and lives in Swindon. Julie believes that all women and their partners can and should have a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience and is keen to hear from parents about their experience of maternity services to find out about what is working well, and to find ways in which services offered can be improved.


volunteer Georgie


Georgie is mum to three children, 11, 9, and 7, and lives between Marlborough and Swindon. She has joined the MVP as she feels passionately about helping to improve perinatal and birth experiences for local women and their families. Her emphasis will be centred around young mums, NICU and disabilities.


volunteer Amie


My name is Amie I’m a mum of one 2 year old little girl, after experiencing a preterm labour at 28 weeks i have been working with PERIPrem and Swindon hospital to support Mums/ Families who have been in SCBU and NICU and to listen and help with there journey. I am keen to hear your stories and what you liked and would change on your experience.



volunteer Carla


I’m Carla. I am married and between us we have 6 children all grown up, and 3 grandsons. I am passionate about women being fully informed about their decisions for their own body in birth and beyond. My aim is to help them feel in control, know their own power and be able to make calm choices in this chaotic world. I will be focussing on Home Birth and Older mothers. If you accessed Maternity Services in the Salisbury area, please email your feedback to:


Hello! I’m Jo from Salisbury, Mum to twin baby girls plus my 5 year old daughter & 9 year old son. I’m delighted to be joining the BSW MVP team & aim to put the many local connections I’ve made here since starting a family to good use. It’s a particularly exciting time for maternity services in this area since the recent approval of the new midwife led unit at Salisbury District Hospital (SDH)
I’d love to hear from you if you have experiences you’d like to share –

volunteer Sarah

Sarah - Deputy

Hi, I’m Sarah, I have two boys, and live in Salisbury. I’m a NICU parent, a ‘high risk’ mum due to underlying conditions, and I have a passion for infant feeding. I’m a strong advocate for birthing rights in any situation, having experienced both a preemie birth and a homebirth VBAC myself, and would love to hear about your experiences locally.

volunteer Elle


Hey, I’m Elle, I live on Salisbury Plain, between Salisbury and Pewsey. I’m Mum to a two year old girl. I’m a real advocate for helping people enjoy their pregnancy and have a positive birth and post-partum experience. I’m passionate about supporting both local and military families and young parents and hope to be able to improve the experience of everyone who uses our local maternity services. If you have accessed any of the Salisbury Maternity Services throughout your pregnancy, birth or post-partum period please do share your feedback with me.


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